Short Term Income Protection

Short Term Income Protection Insurance is available to cover you should you be unable to work through either unemployment or accident or sickness. It is called “short term” as it is generally available for a 6 month or 12 month period.

This may be suitable for people who are made redundant or, if they run their own business and it has to close, or if  they have an accident, all of which leave them unable to work or receive their normal salary for a period of time.

There are normally three cover choices available with Short Term Income Protection Insurance.

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment
Accident Only
Unemployment Only

Clearly, if you are only covered for unemployment only, you would be able to claim if you were made redundant, but not if you were to have an accident or fall ill.

Our featured provider for Short Term Income Protection is DMS Security Plans – see below for more details

DMS Income Replacement

DMS a specialist provider of Accident, Sickness and Involuntary Redundancy/Business Closure Insurance and have been providing a quality product with an exceptional service sine 1996.

John Tegg, Managing Director of DMS says “We have built a solid reputation for excellent products, professional administration, and for providing a claims service that looks for reasons to pay claims, not excuses to avoid payment”.

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Please note: When you click the Quote link above, you will be going to the DMS website. They will provide you with a quotation and they will offer you the option to buy the cover. They do not, however, offer advice so the decision as to whether the cover is suitable for your circumstances will be yours.